Bone Regeneration

Utilizing new technology and advanced methods, our dental team can replace atrophied and lost bone through bone grafting procedures. Bone grafts help regenerate and replace lost hard and soft tissue. In the past, our patients with tooth loss and bone atrophy had limited options with replacing teeth with dental implants. Bone grafting can improve the success rate of dental implants by providing patients with enough new bone tissue to support implants.

Bone grafting can replace atrophied  and damaged bone virtually anywhere in the oral cavity including the sinus passageways, the ridge of the jawbone, and sockets. Various types of graft methods exist as well including autogenous grafting, block grafting. ridge split grafts, and maxillary sinus lifts.

The Basics on Bone Grafting

When bone has atrophied from periodontal disease or tooth loss, bone can be harvested from another region of the body or, alternatively, synthetic bone can be used to replace lost or missing bone in the jaw. This allows patients enough bone to support dental implants and also helps generate new bone growth. Ensuring proper bone volume and density also helps to maintain proper support for the soft tissues of the face and mouth, like the lips and cheeks.

Types of Bone Grafts

Autogenous grafts – A method where bone is taken from another part of the mouth or body to replace missing or injured bone mass in a different location.

Allografts – A method where the bone is derived from a donor, these grafts are placed the same way as autogenous grafts. The difference between the two methods is the source of tissue.

Xenografts – This method utilizes bone derived from  animal donors (porcine or bovine).


Patient Comfort During Bone Grafts

Our dentists strive to make our patients feel as comfortable and relaxed as possible during all procedures. Our doctors offer various levels of sedation, completely numb the grafting site with local anesthetics and are effective and efficient in performing the procedure. Typically, these procedures can be performed in our office in their entirety, eliminating the need for numerous appointment weeks apart at multiple locations.  We provide thorough post-operative care instructions so that our patients can heal as quickly and as comfortably as possible.